Who We Are

Chuck Friend started Friend Engineering and Machine Company, Inc. as a part-time business in his garage in 1955. With a background in machining, pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, and equipment maintenance he began creating custom fixtures to help his customers solve their manufacturing problems.

This product was the start of everthing (this picture was taken around 1965) Several local thermostat companies were having trouble producing their products with accuracy. Chuck developed special ovens to calibrate and check the operating temperature of thermostats quickly and precisely. Hundreds of these ovens have been produced, are still in use, and are still being sold.

Chuck went full time in 1962. As the business grew so did the size of the projects. In time his garage became too small. He moved to the current location in 1968. After several expansions, the shop is now over 18,400 square feet.

Chuck’s son, David, began full time in 1973 and took over as president upon Chuck’s retirement in 2000.

What Challenges Can We Help You With?